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Fourth day of the Plenary Council

January 29 - The fourth day of the Plenary Council began with the celebration of Lauds and Mass in English, presided by p. Eric Madrurawala Britto, Minister Provincial of Vice Province of Sri Lanka.

In the plenary session p. Nicholas Polichnowski, Minister General, presented a talk about vocations beginning of the Constitutions of the Order, and in particular article 1 that talks about the identity of the Order, emphasizing that a vocation actually corresponds to the call to live the 'identity of the Order and not to work in the Order. Specifying, that one does need not be a friar to work in a school, a hospital or a parish.

The presentation of the Minister General was followed by an interesting discussion of how each province and vice recruit candidates for the religious life. The Minister General has proposed to go beyond traditional medias regarding vocation promotion. Take advantage of the various electronic ways used through computers, using the Internet, which can be social networks. The comparison and the experience of those who spoke in the discussion became clear that for each provincial should have its own page on Facebook.

During the plenary session in the afternoon, we talked about the different problems that are found in the provinces and how to solve them. The General pointed out again that the Order is an evangelical fraternity, this means that you are living in community. Therefore, it is very important not to sacrifice the community life for various ministries. Another risk to the life of the Friars, and therefore the community, is the loss of an intimate and personal relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer. In light of all this, it is a clear responsibility of the Provincial Ministers, as encourage and animate Articles 1 and 2 of the General Constitutions.

In the second part of the afternoon session, p. Paul Benanti presented the work he has done to date, as Attorney General of the Order. He then presented the new version of the Vademecum in which there the rules and procedures to be observed are well defined.

After this session, the friars celebrated Vespers. Then following dinner a fraternal gathering was held during which the brothers had the opportunity to taste the Carumba (the coconuts).