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Fifth day of the Plenary Council

January 30 - The fifth day of the Plenary Council began with Mass presided over by Fr. Calogero Favata, Province of Sicily, in Italian. Commenting on the parable of San Marco, where the evangelist recounts the episode in which the disciples are in a boat during a storm, together with Jesus. Fear of the storm leads Christ's disciples to wake him invoking their Master, ‘Do you not I care that we are perishing?’ P. Calogero highlighted the term '' lost '' used by his disciples to invoke the Lord's help; getting lost is worse than dying because one continues to live without identity and/or knowledge.

P. Calogero invited the friars to reflect on the episode with three images of the Gospel: the first image is the Church that, as the boat, often sailing in the midst of storms; the second image is the Order and third each of us. The question that everyone should ask oneself, as a Christian, as a brother and as a man, “Do we know how to weather the storms and importance that we give to the Lord in our lives, be it church, community and personal?” The Lord asks us if we really have faith, that if, even in the midst of many difficulties and fears, we trust him knowing how to recognize the Lord of life.

In the first plenary session p. Paolo Benanti, Attorney General continued with the presentation of the Vademecum especially with the materials concerning holy orders and De gravioribus delictis.

In the plenary session of the afternoon, the Minister General stressed the importance for the Order to have a Code of Conduct and they discussed the general statutes 115 and 116, created at the last General Chapter.

After dinner a moment of brotherhood was celebrated during which a school of dancers of Sri Lanka presented some dances and traditional songs expressing the culture of this country. After the performance, the brothers continued to sing all the songs of their countries.