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Third day of the Plenary Council

January 28 - At the beginning of the third day of the Plenary Council p. Amando Trujillo Cano, Vicar General, presented the new Ceremonial of the Order in three languages: Italian, English and Spanish. The Ceremonial is composed of the following parts: opening and closing of the Canonical General Visitation, Installation of the Minister General and the Council and the Installation of the Provincial Minister and Council.

Father Paolo Benanti, Proculator General, presented the new edition of the Rule, Constitutions and General Statutes, drawn up in the three languages. The new edition of the Rule, the Constitutions and Statutes was necessary following the changes made to the Statutes during the General Chapter of 2013. In fact, during the Chapter of 2013, two new items, article 115 and article 116, were created which changed the original number sequence.

After the presentation of Father Paolo Benanti, p. Tomeu Pastor, General Counsel and Director of Education, presented what has been accomplished to date with the Ratio Educationis. The final version will be ready for the next General Chapter, which will be celebrated in 2019.

At the end of the first part, p. Gregory Vajira Silva, of the Vice Sri Lanka, explained briefly the Sri Lankan culture.

After lunch, a cultural visit of Sri Lanka was undertaken. The brothers visited the Kelaniya Buddhist temple where, according to legend, was the master teaching center of the Lord Buddha and the National Shrine of Our Lady of Lanka where we celebrated Mass in Spanish presided by p. Jaume Puigisever, Minister Provincial of the Province of the Immaculate Conception in Spain.

Fr. Jerome Fernando, TOR, a member of Our Lady of Sri Lanka Vice Province, made a presentation of the history of the basilica.